Cities Of Dooly County

The founder of Byromville was William H. Byrom who bought the land which is Byromville on November 23,1852. In 1859 he built the old Byrom home with slave labor. The town was laid out in 1903, and the town of Byromville was incorporated on August 19, 1905.

Named for Laura Dooling Patrick by her husband Pernal Cornelius Patrick, the town of Dooling was incorporated in 1907. The town charter was reactivated in 1989.

Lilly was settled in 1902 by the Lilly brothers, John, Frank and Robert, who owned land surrounding the present town. They built the first store and the first residence. The town was first named Midway because it was midway between Cordele and Montezuma. After the railroad came and freight was shipped, the people learned there was another Midway, Georgia so the name was changed to Lilly to recognize the first settlers.

In the decade 1860 to 1870, a few simple homes formed a village called Fullington. Legend has it that the very first settlers did not come by choice. Their covered wagon became mired in the mud, and when they were able to get it out, it was beyond repair, and they were too tired to go further. It is known that the area of land where Pinehurst now stands was owned by John and G. W. (Dock) Fullington. When the town was planned and organized, many appropriate names were suggested. Pond Town and Pinehurst were two of those. An act to incorporate the town of Pinehurst in the County of Dooly was approved by the General Assembly of the State of Georgia on
December 16, 1895.

Unadilla was farm fields and pine forests owned by Alexander Borum who occupied one of three houses standing before the railroad came through in 1887-1888. The town was named by the company laying the railroad tracks. Unadilla first grew around the railroad, then moved over to encompass Highway 41 when it came through.

Vienna was first called Berrien, then Centerville, and incorporated under its present name in 1841. It is the county seat, named for the famous Austrian capital on the Danube. Vienna was selected and surveyed from the beginning to be the county seat, so streets were "laid out with much care and precision." Vienna is located approximately in the geographical center of Dooly County.